Our Story

Ching Han Guan is a traditional family operated company with evolving management style that strives to preserve the long tradition of Chinese pastries particularly the Teochew recipes passed down from our great grandfather Ching Yik Mun over the past 100 years from Chaoyang, Guangdong Province, China.

At the same time we adhere to the philosophy of high quality ingredients and freshly baked standard by all time customers demands. When it first opened for business, Ching Han Guan was only making the popular traditional Teochew wedding pastries such as soft candy, peanut candy, lard biscuits and various kind of rare Teochew mooncakes recipes pastries selling on the shelf.

However, with the growing demand of biscuit varieties, the business began to grow and start making Cantonese and Western variation biscuits such as 'Tau Sah Piah', Egg cookies and Cashew Nut Cookies in order to satisfy customers tastes.

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While being recognized as one of the most famous Ipoh biscuit shop, we strive to adapt popular demand and invented the biscuit with a triple fillings of Meat Floss, Lotus Paste, and Egg Yolk wrapped in a flaky and slight crispy crust, and over the years it had became one of our signature best selling biscuit.

Meanwhile with its strict adherence to quality and customer taste satisfaction, the Ching Han Guan brand gradually gained a solid reputation and became synonymous with quality.

The baton of the business has since been passed on to the second and third generation of the family.

However, the tradition and philosophy of the company remain constant and unchanged, and strive for quality assurance in order to continue to serve customers with quality and tasty pastries.


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